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He was so gentle, but almost fierce in his love for her. He vowed not to kill, but he would kill to save her. She was his most precious thing in all the world… Any sacrifice would be worth it if she were safe and free. His life meant nothing without her, so he would gladly give it, laughing and kissing his hand to her with his last breath.

Did you know this is a book Stelena Quote. Reasons why I ship book Stelena and NOT book Delena. just sayin’. But I don’t shp Show Stelena. I ship show Delena.

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1864 Dream SL w/ Bloodlustlena (PART TWENTY-SEVEN)

Damon: [I laugh and flirt with the waitress despite the fact that Elena was glaring at me. I go on like this until my attention is unintentionally drawn to the commotion of the group of people loudly doting on the engaged couple. I glared at the two of them as Elena initiated a kiss with Matt. I finally manage to rip my eyes away from the romantic scene and back to the waitress. I give her a salacious smile and within no time the young and very attractive waitress is playing with my hair and serving me free drinks. I became pretty lushy after several shots of hard liquor, with my tie now loosely hanging from my neck and my shirt open a few buttons at the collar. The waitress leaned over practically putting her cleavage in my face. My voice is a bit slurred as I glance up at her] You have.. nice.. [I motion sloppily toward my own chest] a nice view!

Elena: ~I begin to seethe with anger the more I watch Damon get so drunk that’s he’s practically falling all over the ridiculously flirtatious waitress. I turn to Matt, grasping his hand as I tug it gently~ since our guests have dwindled down, are you ready to go to the bakery? We must check on our cake order.. ~Matt smiles and kisses the back of my hand~ “of course, love, but first I’d like to say hello to Mister Salvatore.” ~my mouth gapes open, catching the insincerity in Matt’s voice. But before I can stop him, Matt walks up next to Damon and places a hand on his shoulder, giving it a firm squeeze as he smiles~ “such a great sight to see you up and around, Damon. I presume all wounds have healed..” ~I sigh softly at the double meaning behind his words, avoiding eye contact with Damon as Matthew then grips my hand in his~

Damon: [I’m actually distracted by the waitress when I feel a hand on my shoulder, with my inhibitions lowered I impulsively grab Matt’s arm using more force than I intend to nearly injuring his arm in the process. I’m practically shouting now] DON’T EVER TOUCH ME!! [My hazy eyes full of deep heart-wrenching hurt fall upon Elena but answering Matt’s question] /some/ wounds cut so deep they can never be healed. [I mange to pull the ring from my pocket] He loves you so much that he hadn’t even noticed the ring you currently wear is not the one he gave you?! [I boldly grab Elena’s hand shoving the ring in her palm] I would have noticed.. [With that said I brush past Elena only to have the waitress quickly follow after me]

Elena: ~my heart sinks at Damon’s words, my emotionally charged eyes locking with his before he storms out of the restaurant. I stand there with incoherent thoughts, gazing down at the ring in my hand. I’m only brought back to present when Matt asks in a low, stern voice~ “Elena.. what.. In the hell.. is Mister Salvatore talking about? And /why/ did he have your engagement ring that /I/ gave you? ~I exhale shakily, hesitantly meeting Matt’s eyes. My mind was still on Damon and how that waitress had followed him out~ I.. I don’t know.. it must’ve fallen off when I was at Damon’s house.. ~Matt’s lips curl into an expression of disgust, his tone conveying his disbelief~ “when you’re ready to tell me the truth, /Miss/ Gilbert.. ~I flinch at the formality of my name, lowering my head~ “I’ll be at the manor. Possibly canceling /our/ wedding..” ~Matt stalks out of the restaurant, leaving me alone with onlookers gawking at me. My chocolate spheres fill with tears, knowing how badly I’ve screwed things up. Matt was angry but I knew him well enough to know he was mostly hurt. And so was Damon~

Damon: [I start to walk with an unsteady pace but I barely make it more than a few feet from the entrance. I could usually hold my liquor but I think I’ve drank too much even for me. I lean against the wall when a dizzy spell hits me, putting my hands in my now messy hair. I hear a feminine voice from behind me which captures my attention hoping it was Elena, but to my disappointment it was only the waitress] What is it that /you/ want.. from me? [She seems a bit hesitant at first] “You do not remember me, do you?” [I glance towards her with confusion] I.. might be.. drunk.. but I think surely I do not have memory loss.. from barely ten minutes past. [She scoffs and folds her arms] “Mister Damon Salvatore, My name is Charlotte. Does /that/ not jog your lost memory?”

Elena: ~unable to take the judging stares any longer, I compose myself enough before I rush out of the restaurant. I catch a glimpse of Damon and the waitress out of the corner of my eye, seeing that Damon seems to be bent over, not looking so good. A part of me knows it would be potentially disastrous if I were to linger near Damon but the other part of me can’t help but worry for him and that’s the part of me that wins out. I sigh heavily, making the decision to myself to make this quick. I walk over to Damon ignoring the crazed, jealous eyes Charlotte gives me~ are you all right, Mister Salvatore?

Damon: [I sit down with my back against the wall with my head in my hands. Before glancing up once Elena addresses me directly. My voice has a hint of heavy sarcasm behind it] Is that supposed to be a rhetorical question, Miss Gilbert? [Charlotte gives Elena a deliberate shove as she approaches me, now helping me to my feet. Charlotte narrows her eyes at Elena as she practically clings to my arm] “He is /fine/.” [Charlotte flashes an overtly seductive smile my way, completely ignoring the way that just a simple look could cause Elena to have such a strong reaction, considering she was technically not mine nor was I hers]

Elena: ~Charlotte’s aggressive protectiveness over Damon catches me off guard and fuels me with an unexpected anger. Without even thinking, I grasp her arm tightly and pull her away from Damon, narrowing my eyes at her as I speak in a low, stern voice~ you’re out of your element, little girl. I think it’d be best if you go back inside and leave it to me to attend to Mister Salvatore.

Damon: [Charlotte scoffs loudly at Elena’s statements and I stare at the both of them with a wide-eyed innocence about me. Charlotte takes a bold step forward wearing a glaringly jealous expression] “Oh! Shall I take advice from someone like you? H’m?” [Charlotte motions towards the direction she saw Matt go but never takes her focus off Elena] “Do you not have a fiancée you should be attending to, soon-to-be /Mrs/ Donovan? Why is Mister Salvatore even a concern of yours?!!”

Elena: ~I glare fiercely at Charlotte, gripping her arm even tighter~ don’t you dare bring Mister Donovan into this. It’s none of your damn business why I’m here for Damon! He and I have history! Something you /wish/ you had with him. ~my expression becomes one of gloating before Charlotte quips back with a smirk~ “you’re wrong. I’m perfectly fine not having the reputation of the town whore!” ~my mouth gapes open in shock, my eyes widening with angry tears. I suddenly find my hand swiping across Charlotte’s cheek in a harsh slap~

Damon: [I stare in disbelief at the events unfolding before me between Elena and Charlotte. I get in between the two of them before this volatile situation can escalate any further. I suddenly raise my voice] Stop it!! [I stand in front of Elena protectively, glaring at Charlotte, my voice is full of anger] Do NOT ever speak that way of Miss Gilbert ever again!

Elena: ~Charlotte lunges at me but Damon blocks her vengeance. The sudden intrusion making me jolt out of my abrupt actions. I gaze at Charlotte with wide eyes, trying to regain my composure. I sigh heavily, shaking my head as I think of how reckless I’ve become, knowing the old me wouldn’t have jumped to such extreme measures. I glance at Damon, speaking dryly~ forgive me for sabotaging your little /date/ here.. ~I shoot Charlotte a sharp glare before turning to walk away~

Damon: [I manage a few uncoordinated steps forward before grabbing onto the wall desperately to maintain some semblance of balance despite my intoxicated state. Now raising my voice putting intensity behind my every word] You’re just going to walk away?!! There’s something going on between us! And you /know/ it. You’re lying to /him/, you’re lying to /me/, and most of all you’re lying to /yourself/!! Marrying someone you are not madly and passionately in love with is a travesty for both of you!!

1864 Dream SL w/ Bloodlustlena (PART TWENTY-SIX)

Damon: [There were covers instantly pooling over my lap as I struggle to sit up, wincing a bit and instinctively holding my midsection as a result. I glance over at  Elena who can’t seem to help but come to my side when she takes note of the distress upon my face. I reach up and rest my hand on Elena’s cheek with my thumb caressing the skin just beneath. I let my hand linger there before I drop it in my lap. I sigh softly, dropping my gaze as well] You regret it, right? Have you finally come to your senses and want to set things straight with me? [I can’t help the daunting expression as my turbulent oceans of blue lift to meet the cacophony of her conflicted browns] have you, Elena?

Elena: ~I close my eyes at the feel of Damon’s hand touching my cheek, a gentle sigh escaping me. A simple touch from him had a way consuming me, making my heart pound in my chest. I lift my hand, softly resting it over Damon’s as I let the moment linger a few seconds before he withdraws his hand. I hesitantly meet his questioning, saddened eyes, unable to find the right words~ Damon.. I.. there’s not enough time to explain my choices.. ~my jaw clenches as I lower my head, angry tears forming in my eyes as I contemplate the fact I’m not even being given a choice. My voice comes out broken though I try to hold my emotions together~ this has to end, Damon.. we can’t.. ~I shut my eyes tightly, bracing myself for the words that follow. I then hesitantly meet Damon’s eyes once again~ we can’t see each other anymore..

Damon: [I suddenly feel like I’m drowning when I hear Elena’s words, like my heart was clenching in my chest. I shake my head no, a very subtle notion. I abruptly sit up and despite my injuries I crash my lips against Elena’s, conveying my deep feelings for her in a way that words could not. I needed Elena to know how much I loved her and words just could not convey that level of deep emotion that a kiss could. I put all of my passion and desire into this kiss that was born out of the consuming love between she and I]

Elena: ~I instantly respond to Damon’s impulsive kiss, one hand gripping his shoulder as the other glides up his toned chest and into his messy raven locks. I whimper softly, getting lost in him. My tongue absently darts out, fighting for dominance with his as we ravish each other, knowing it’s the only way to express our true feelings. I give Damon all that I have, letting him understand how my love has never wavered. My whole body is ignited with heat, flooding every inch with pleasant tingles. I deepen the kiss even more, nibbling and sucking on Damon’s lower lip~

Damon: [Once  Elena’s lips were on mine nothing else mattered. The sensual kiss quickly escalated into something more intense and heated by the moment. My hips finding a place between Elena’s thighs with only the thin material of her pantaloons and my PJ bottoms between us, probably which clues Elena in to just how arousing this intimate situation had become. I murmur heatedly against Elena’s inviting mouth] I want.. you.. Elena..

Elena: ~I sigh in pleasure against Damon’s lips, my hands now cupping his face. I feel my own body twinge with arousal at his intense confession. I reply in a breathy, needy tone~ God you have no idea how much I missed you, Damon.. ~I crash my lips against his once again, clinging to him desperately as I subtly grind my hips into Damon, eliciting a sweet moan. It’s only when I hear Stefan whisper harshly through the closed door that I’m brought back to the reality of the situation~ “Elena! You need to go!”

Damon: [I get so lost in the moment as Elena grinds her hips into mine, which drives me wild. I blindly grab for the top of her pantaloons with my lips still devouring Elena’s intoxicating kisses, wanting so badly to show her exactly how desperately I’d missed her but suddenly Elena’s pushing me off her. She gives me a deeply apologetic look before rushing out of the room. I’m left breathless, bewildered, and still turned on. Had I been healthier I’d definitely gotten up and went after her. I groan loudly as I lay on my bed draping my arm over my eyes, when I notice something besides the obvious arousal happening that I couldn’t seem to ignore, a small silver engagement ring in my hand that must’ve accidentally slipped off Elena’s finger in the heat of passion]

Elena: ~I breeze past Stefan, refusing to see that disapproving yet understanding look upon his face, my own still flushed with heat from the passionate encounter with Damon. I didn’t get to say the words I needed to for our goodbye but as I touch my lips with my fingertips, the pleasant tingles still lingering from Damon’s consuming kisses, I realize it was probably the only way either of us could’ve conveyed our feelings and had our potentially final moments. I’m greeted by Matt at the front door who looks at me curiously, inquiring about my attire. I reply in a breathy tone~ I had to assist in helping bring Damon’s fever down.. 

Damon: [I contemplated what to do about this raging hard-on that  Elena’s sudden departure left me with. I was so hot and bothered by this woman that despite my injury I still wanted to get up and find Elena and finish what we had started. I exhale shakily as I examine the ring trying to get my mind off of other things. Upon closer inspection, I deduce it was an engagement ring which effectively ruined the sexually charged mood I’d been in just moments ago. I grimace at the thought of  Elena in a wedding gown saying vows to any man who wasn’t me. My fingers tremble and the ring that represents such a harsh reality falls to the bed]

Elena: ~Matt escorts me to the front door of the Gilbert Manor, a heavy sigh flowing from his lips~ “Elena, I just wish you had asked me to accompany you.” ~I swallow thickly, trying to gather my thoughts~ there was no time, Matthew. Damon was very ill and Stefan needed my help.. ~Matt can’t conceal the scowl that appears on his boyish features~ “as if there weren’t any one else there.. The Salvatores have plenty of servants and maids..” ~I grasp Matt’s hand, arching a brow curiously~ is this about concern or jealousy, Matthew Donovan? ~he rolls his eyes slightly and shakes his head~ “I just know the history between you and Damon.. I’d be naive if I thought there weren’t any lingering feelings..” ~a look of guilt clouds my delicate features, suddenly recalling mine and  Damon’s last moments together. But I quickly compose myself, putting on the most convincing smile I can manage~ it is /you/, Mister Donovan, that I’ll be marrying in a week. ~I peck his lips with a soft kiss, the fiery passion I had shared with Damon only an hour earlier no longer present~ you have nothing to worry about.

Damon: [After a few days of forced bed-rest by my annoyingly overprotective brother I feel well enough to walk on my own. I’d heard the latest gossip about  Elena’s impending marriage to Mister Donovan and that made me feel more ill than the damn bullet wound. I was going a bit stir crazy couped up in that house all day long, so I got dressed and eventually found myself in a classy restaurant that happened to serve top notch alcohol. To my surprise, who did I find there but the future Mr and Mrs Donovan celebrating their engagement party. Though Elena was on the opposite side of the room standing beside Matt she couldn’t seem to keep her eyes off me. I openly flirted with the waitress trying to ignore her jealous eyes that seemed to be trying to burn a hole right through me] 

Elena: ~I’m all smiles with pleasant conversation until Damon walks through the door, my expression instantly changing. I feel as if my heart was going to burst through my chest, suddenly feeling nervous. I had done so well at avoiding running into Damon and now here he was and at the worst time possible. I feel Matt’s arm tighten around my waist, pulling me closer. I smile at him lovingly tho I knew his actions were only because he saw Damon too. I’m then caught up in the sight of Damon openly flirting with the waitress, making my blood boil with jealousy. Unable to watch them any longer, I avert my attention to Matt, gazing into his eyes as I caress his jawline with my thumb~ can you believe only a few days and I’ll be Mrs. Matthew Donovan?! ~Our guests chuckle fondly as they watch us, my lips now crashing against Matt’s. I just wasn’t sure if I was trying to convince Damon or myself~

Part Twenty-Seven:

I remember a SEr saying they hope that if Damon has a birthday that Stefan kills his best friend in front of his face.

First off, Damon’s best friend already died in his arms and simultaneously he knew his true love died too because they both were linked. Not that Stefan is a better person than Damon but I don’t think Stefan would be able to do that to Damon. What Damon did was horrible and Stefan was hurt as a result.. (though my person feelings about Lexi are that I Hate that damn bitch and she was the worst friend ever) Damon over the course of regaining his humanity does feel remorse for his actions, for hurting Stefan, and taking away someone Stefan loves. I think losing Alaric gave Damon a new perspective on what it meant for his brother to lose his best friend. But Damon can’t change what he did. Nobody can change their past. I don’t think Stefan would get much out of making Damon suffer the way he did when Lexi died. Damon doesn’t really do apologies but I’m sure Stefan knows Damon regrets what he did. They don’t really agree on much, they can be mean or disagreeable or get into fights but they have an unspoken bond and most of all they love one another.

Infatuation vs Love


♦Infatuation: is the state of being completely lost in the emotion of unreasoning desire.

♦Love: A decision to commit oneself to another and to work through conflicts instead of giving up.

•Associated with:

♦Infatuation: Selfish uncontrollable desire.

♦Love: Physical chemistry over a fairly long period of time.


♦Infatuation: Short lived physical desire, crush, lust, hormonal activity, or addictive chemical reactions in the brain. Not revived with the same person without a deeper feeling.

♦Love: Intimacy, commitment, security, the desire to please and help the other person.


♦Infatuation: Urgency, intensity, sexual desire, anxiety, high risk choices, reckless abandonment of what was once valued.

♦Love: Faithfulness, loyalty, confidence. Willingness to make sacrifices for another. Working at settling differences. Able to compromise so that either both win or at least give the other person’s opinion a chance.

•Person to Person:

♦Infatuation: Reckless commitment to satisfy one’s all consuming lust.

♦Love: Commitment to another. Genuine intentions. Think about other person’s feelings before acting.

•Feels like:

♦Infatuation: All-consuming euphoria similar to recreational drug use (addictive chemical reactions in the brain), stupidity (cupidity). Can risk everything for the next hit of adrenalin.

♦Love: A deep affection, contentment, confidence. Partners communicate and negotiate appropriate expectations. Requires a lot of selflessness and polite assertiveness. You are loving your best friend.


♦Infatuation: Emptiness, consequences of choices made while under the influence of mind numbing temporary lust.

♦Love: Security, peace, a solid partnership which can provide the ideal atmosphere to raise confident secure children.


♦Infatuation: Being controlled by brain chemistry, not the heart, loss of ability to make rational evaluations of what is true, valuable and worthy.

♦Love: Contentment, stability.


♦Infatuation: Cannot be sustained without some portion of love and physical attraction. Desire to be always close to that person at any cost.

♦Love: Partnership. Can lead to codependency if not tempered with self-awareness and self-guidedness.

•Time Period:

♦Infatuation: Takes off fast and furious like a spark in dry grass burns out quickly and can leave feelings of emptiness.

♦Love: It will deepen with the passsage of time.


♦Infatuation: This is temporary in life and goes off after some period.

♦This is permanent commitment and stays throughout the life.

•Bottom Line:

♦Infatuation: is delusional.
Not real.

♦Love: is unconditional
and the real deal.


♦Infatuation: is of the now.

♦Love: is a gradual process.
It happens over time.


How to Know if You’re Infatuated

Examine whether you treat the object of your interest as a person or a thing. When you experience infatuation, your mind is consumed by thoughts of the other person. You’re thinking not only about the other person but also about how you want to reveal yourself to the other person. You have an idealized vision of what this person is like, and your vision may or may not be accurate.

Evaluate how secure you feel. Instead of feeling secure, you are thinking more about how to impress the other person. Your focus is on how to get the other person to like you, and you feel nervous because you don’t know how the other person feels.

Think about how long you’ve been in the relationship. Your relationship is pretty new, and while you’re constantly thinking about the other person, you’re not confident that he or she has what it takes to go the distance.

Observe how sex affects your feelings. Sex is exciting, but you feel tentative afterward. You worry about whether your partner found you appealing, and you worry about what the next step after sex will be.

Analyze the way that you’re thinking about the other person. You think constantly about the way that the person smiles, the way he or she says your name or the way that your partner looks at you. You think obsessively about these details, and you try to decide how the person feels about you based on these somewhat trivial qualities.

Look at how you handle conflict. The person you like disagrees with you, and you wonder if the relationship is over. You wonder whether you know the person at all or whether your impressions have been wrong all along.

Consider your feelings about moving the relationship forward. You want to ask the person to date exclusively, but you’re nervous about what he or she might say. You’re afraid that asking for commitment may frighten the person away. Your feelings aren’t deep enough for love; you’re probably more in the realm of infatuation.


How to Recognize True Love

Examine whether you treat the object of your interest as a person or a thing. You care for this person even knowing his or her faults. You are committed to sticking together even through the most difficult circumstances. You can tell this person anything about yourself, even if the truth doesn’t flatter you, and you know that your partner will accept you. Just know that there is no way to make a person love you however actions do speak louder than words. If you are the one always giving and getting very little in return. You might consider asking a trusted family member or friend that has your best interest at heart what they see. Most of the time those on the outside are more likely to see things that you don’t because love is blind.

Evaluate how secure you feel. You know that your partner will stand by you no matter what, and you are prepared to commit to your partner for the rest of your life.

Think about how long you’ve been in the relationship. You have known the person for a long time, and you can’t imagine life without him or her. You want to know everything about the person and want to spend time to get to know them on a deeper level.

Observe how sex affects your feelings. After you have sex with your partner, you feel closer to him or her. For you, affection and post-coital cuddling are just as important as sex, although you love to keep the flame alive. Sex is not the most important part of your relationship and you would still want to be with them even if did not involve sex or you had to wait for them.

Analyze the way that you’re thinking about the other person. Something funny has happened to you at work, and you can’t wait to tell your partner. Alternatively, you’ve had a bad experience, and you want to talk to someone who will understand. If your partner is the first person that you think about when you want to share your innermost thoughts, then you may be in love. You have mutual respect for each other.

Look at how you handle conflict. When you have an argument with your partner, you keep working until you’re able to find some common ground. No argument can erase your commitment to one another, and you appreciate your partner speaking the truth even when it’s painful. Even if you don’t agree with your partner you will always take their side and defend them in front of your family and friends.

Consider your feelings about moving the relationship forward. You feel comfortable with your partner, and you feel a strong bond of trust. Moving in together or getting married feels natural and logical. You want to introduce them to your family and friends.


differences between Infatuation and Love

When we based it in a human dictionary infatuation is an admiration while love is a strong affection. To understand more what are the differences of the two let me share this to you which came from the book i’ve read entitled “I LOVE YOU” by Gordon Martinborough.

1. Infatuation is govern by feelings while in love feelings is under the control of principle - what does it means? Feelings is in charge in the side of infatuation, all we know that feelings easily change like you hug him today for you feel good and tomorrow you feel bad and you spank him right away without any reason..Is that Love? Well, true love has feelings that you actually feel in your heart. It’s not feelings only but plus principles. And the best example of this can be found in the bible that says “Love is patient, love is kind. Love is not jealous, it is not proud, it does not boast. Love is never rude, it is not self-seeking, it is never prone to anger, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth (1 Corinthians 13:4-7).

2. Infatuation is describe as blind while love sees and examines -here it very self explanatory that infatuation looks only the outside happiness like when you know already that your girlfriend/boyfriend involved in a illegal works and yet you still want to marry him that’s a big mistake you’ll ever had. Love does’nt do that thing it will spare time to see and examine the strength and weaknesses of the cited partner to be. Love never feel afraid to ask difficult questions to clear up everything.

3. Infatuation is in a hurry, while love takes time - You have known a person yesterday and you were struck by her beauty and the next day you courted her and the following day you will marry her. It is happening so fast because of the love at first sight thing. In true Love it takes time to know and grow more on the person you want to be with through out your life.

4. Infatuation look externally while love goes internally -infatuation only concerned with the outside beauty of the person like how sexy is the body of that person but in love it is the opposite way because it concerns the inner beauty of the person that’s particularly the virtues and the personality itself.

5. Infatuation is childish while love is mature - self-centered, selfish, unkind this is the childish way where infatuation fall. No concerned on the welfare of the other person because all he wants is just for him. But love is the other way around for it looks first the welfare of the person and think what is good in the future.

6. Infatuation is a human pit while love is a divine ladder - When a person is blinded by infatuation it will never go up instead it falls down to a human pit. But when a person has true love he is climbing the divine ladder that involves effort and determination.


1864 Dream SL w/ Bloodlustlena (PART TWENTY-FIVE)

Elena: ~my deep chocolate hues meet Damon’s for a few moments before I reluctantly avert them downward, tucking a strand of fallen hair behind my ear. I keep a few feet distance between me and the tub, still feeling too many conflicting emotions to be too close to Damon in this moment. I pull the towel tighter around me as I watch Stefan attend to Damon. Unable to help myself, I step forward and assist in helping Damon back to his bedroom. Stefan instructs me to get Damon some dry clothes. I do as requested, handing them to Stefan before I turn my back towards him and Damon, waiting with bated breath as Stefan helps change Damon’s clothes. I nibble my lower lip; secretly wishing this was just a moment between Damon and I~ 

Damon: [I watch Elena with jaded eyes as she stands with her back to me as Stefan changes my damp bandages in favor of dry ones. I lay back on my bed once I’m wearing new clothes. My beautiful pale blue hues gazing up at Elena’s back waiting with bated breath for her to turn around and say something to me, but she doesn’t. The silence stretches the longer I wait until it becomes almost unbearable, only breaking once I exhale loudly which draws Stefan’s attention to me with a concerned expression] Would you stop looking at me like that?!! I’m fine!

Elena: ~I instantly turn around at the sound of Damon’s sigh, walking closer to the side of the bed in concern. I exhale silently in relief as Damon reassures that he is fine. My eyes absently become locked with his, sharing an intense gaze as if we were trying to read each other’s thoughts. I’m about to speak when there’s a deep voice heard at the doorway~ “So I see you’ve managed to find your way home, son.” ~we turn to see Giuseppe standing there, a look of indifference on his face, maybe even disappointment. I glance back at Damon, instantly concerned of his safety but Giuseppe surprises us all when he makes a stern request~ “Miss Gilbert.. may I see you in the office downstairs?” ~I swallow thickly, overcome with a nervous uncertainty. I then reply in the calmest voice I can manage~ of course, Mister Salvatore..

Damon: [I start to sit up when Giuseppe enters the room bringing his imposing energy with him but Stefan puts his arm out in front of me preventing me from getting up. My younger brother gives me a stern look and I roll my eyes at him in return. While Stefan and I are having this silent argument between us with just a heated exchange of looks, my father leads Elena down to his office]

Elena: ~I glance back at Damon before Giuseppe and I disappear around the corner. I suddenly become self conscious of my attire, still dressed in my damp undergarments. I pull the towel tighter around me, not feeling very comfortable in Giuseppe’s presence. Once we enter his office, he closes the door and by his stern expression, I begin to feel uneasy. He walks around his desk and sits down, propping his arms on the flat surface, clasping his fingers together~ “what kind of games are you playing here, Miss Gilbert?” ~I furrow my brows in confusion~ I’m not sure I understand what you’re implying, sir.. ~Giuseppe clenches his jaw, narrowing his eyes at me~ “Are you seriously going to play dumb with me, girl?” ~my mouth drops open slightly, surprised by Giuseppe’s choice of words~ “you think I don’t know what’s been going on in this house in the last hour?! I’ve heard everything! You..” ~He points his index finger at me, his eyes an icy glare~ “You come in here, bringing about your /harlot/ ways and I won’t stand for it..”

Damon: [My eyes flicker toward the door as it shuts loudly. My expression falls once I realize Elena and my father were gone, but there’s nothing I can do from here in my weakened state. I motion to Stefan to go after them. He stares at me as if I am insane. I speak in a hushed yet determined tone] Would you just go and try to intercept Elena from father’s wrath?! I’d go myself but I’m unable. [Stefan scoffs] “You’re being rather dramatic, Damon. Father might be stern but he’s fair to /everyone/.. [My eyes narrow as I throw the covers off me] Fine! I’ll go myself! [Stefan starts to panic the moment he sees I’m completely serious] “okay! okay! I’ll go! You really are a stubborn idiot. Miss Gilbert cares more for you than you probably deserve. She’d never want you to die on her behalf!” [Stefan stares at me with an intensity, clearly angry at what I was about to do. He lingers at the doorway for a few moments as if he really doesn’t want to leave me alone but reluctantly disappears through the threshold shutting the door rather loudly behind him]

Elena: ~I feel my heart twinge with guilt at Giuseppe’s harsh words, my eyes instantly glazing over with tears but I refuse to let my true emotions show, not wanting Giuseppe to see any weakness~ it’s not what it seems, Mister Salvatore. There’s more than meets the eye.. And I don’t.. ~Giuseppe cuts me off, raising his voice~ “I don’t /care/ what I do or don’t understand, Miss Gilbert! But I’m going to make something perfectly clear and there will be no /misunderstanding/ on your part!” ~I wait with bated breath for Giuseppe’s demand, having a sense that it was about to crash my entire world~ “I have sent for Mister Donovan. He will be here at any moment to escort you back home.” ~Giuseppe stands and walks over to me, his cold eyes burning fiercely into mine as he leans in so close that I can feel his breaths ghosting across my face. He murmurs in a low, seething tone~ “once you step foot out of this house, Miss Gilbert.. you will /not/ return. And If I hear one word about you being spotted with Damon, I will make sure that becomes your biggest regret!” ~I feel as if the room is spinning, suddenly becoming sickened with grief. My silence tries Giuseppe’s patience as he raises his tone once more, his booming voice almost monstrous~ “is that /understood/, Miss Gilbert?” ~unbeknownst to us, Stefan was listening at the door~

Damon: [Stefan wears a shocked expression hearing his father raise his voice to Elena. He burst in through the door causing Giuseppe’s demeanor to become more demure in the presence of his younger son, in stark contrast to the way he looks at me. Stefan boldly steps in front of Elena] “Father! This is..” [Stefan voice trails off before he quickly motions towards Elena] “She’s a kind young lady, I assure you.” [Giuseppe’s icy expression thaws a bit, displaying a gentleness that is absent in my presence] “Stefan, I’ve had my say.. and that is final. Would you please escort Miss Gilbert to the front door? Mister Donovan shall arrive shortly.”

Elena: ~I gasp at Stefan’s sudden entrance into the room, my eyes widening as he comes to my defense. I frown slightly, lowering my head in shame as he speaks of me in such high praise. I wasn’t entirely sure if I believed that of myself anymore. Stefan sighs sadly and glances back at me when Giuseppe makes his request clear. I just nod, trying to muster a reassuring smile~ it’s fine, Stefan. ~I exhale shakily, glancing over at Giuseppe whose expression hardens once again as a warning towards me~ your father is just protecting your family.. ~with that I turn around and head towards the door~

Damon: [Stefan follows along after Elena. He shuts the door to Giuseppe’s study behind him. His expression reads torn but he pushes that feeling away when he grasps Elena’s arm and starts to drag her back towards my room] “You must tell Damon your /final/ goodbyes! That it’s finished! Or else he’ll surely do what he always does.. Damon doesn’t care if his actions will cause his own demise! He’s willing to exasperate the severity of his injury just in an effort to try and come be with you again.”

Elena: Stefan! ~I gaze at him in shock as he grabs my arms and drags me upstairs, I try to pull away but Stefan is much stronger. I lower my voice in a harsh whisper~ Stefan, if your father catches me up here with your brother, things will get worse! He already made his intentions clear! ~Stefan glances back at me~ “I’ll be your lookout. You’ve got five minutes.” ~he nudges me Inside the bedroom, closing the door behind me to leave us alone. My gaze instantly falls upon Damon,  my heart skipping a beat at the mere sight of him. I wasn’t sure if I could do this~ Hi..

Part Twenty-six:

1864 Dream SL w/ Bloodlustlena (PART TWENTY-FOUR)

Damon: [I blink slowly as my narrowed gaze shifts to an uncomfortable looking Stefan who gets the message and decides to step out of the bathroom, leaving us alone for the time being. My hand grasps one of hers placing it against my chest over my heart.] Love is a complicated thing, that’s for certain. [I let my eyes fall closed as my voice displays a teasing tone] But I know one way that you can make me feel better, Miss Gilbert.

Elena: ~I can’t help the small smile that forms on my trembling lips at Damon’s remark. I press my palm more firmly against his chest, closing my eyes as I concentrate on his steady heartbeat. I whisper gently against the portal of his ear~ and what would that be, Mister Salvatore?

Damon: [I laugh softly at Elena, wincing slightly at the pain of doing so] That depends on how bold you are willing to be with an injured gentleman.. Elena.  [I tilt my head backward placing a very suggestive kiss along the column of her slender neck]

Elena: ~my breath catches the moment Damon’s lips meet my delicate neck, unexpected chills instantly flowing through me and I knew it was not the cold water. I realize Damon still has the same effect on me that he did months ago. With his bare back against my chest, I know Damon can feel my heartbeat increase. My eyes fall closed as his name flows from lips in a breathy whisper~ Damon..

Damon: [I forgot about any pain I was feeling the moment my lips met Elena’s neck. A sensation of heat rushed through my veins as my human heart beats wildly in my chest. I pull my lips from her neck, repositioning my lips at her ear, whispering things that would probably be deemed inappropriate if other’s heard me say them. I could sense the effect I was having on Elena and it drove me into a new kind of madness desperate to feel her inviting mouth on mine once again. Within a moment’s notice my deep yearning desire was fulfilled as Elena took charge, attacking my mouth with hers in a very steamy kiss]

Elena: ~my mind is screaming how wrong this is, that I shouldn’t be engaged in such an intimate position with Damon when I’m technically “promised” to Mister Donovan. But my heart and my body are saying something entirely different. The tension and longing of the moment consumes me. I’m unable to resist Damon’s request any longer as my lips crash upon his, not even considering any potential consequences. It’s just me and him. The way it should’ve been all these months. I whimper softly at the contact of his lips, realizing just how much I needed this. My fingers tighten in Damon’s raven locks as I absently pull him closer, deepening the kiss~

Damon: [I grip the edge of the bathtub to gain some leverage, now taking control of the kiss regardless of my injured state. All I knew in these passion fueled moments was that I wanted Elena in every way a man could want the girl of his dreams. Neither of us had noticed that my brother had entered the room until his voice broke the intimacy between us] “Heaven’s sake!!” [I witnessed Elena’s expression form into one of appalled nature at her own actions, now pushing me off her and escaping the tub. I glanced up at her with narrowed eyes, completely ignoring that Stefan was in the room] I had not expected that a kiss like we just shared would result in that kind of horrified expression you now wear upon your face. [I observed Elena’s expression carefully and just as she was about to reply, Stefan abruptly cut her off] “Damon! This is wrong! Miss Gilbert is betrothed to another! What do you not get? Do you not have an ounce of common decency?”

Elena: ~I’m unable to conceal the mortification sketched across my reddened features, my eyes widened as I interrupt Stefan in a firm, shaky voice~ He’s not the one to blame, Stefan! /I/ am! /I’m/ the one that kissed Damon! ~I can feel my heart begin to shatter when I see the look Damon is giving me. It’s as if he believes I’m ashamed of what just happened. Ashamed of /him/. But that was the farthest from the truth. I was secretly cursing myself, berating myself for what I had just done. I knew all too well that if Stefan hadn’t seen us and interrupted, the intimate moment with Damon would’ve become much more heated and explicit. It was like I became completely incoherent in Damon’s presence. I was out of control. My lower lip trembles as the shame begins to eat away at me~ I.. um.. I should go.. ~I don’t look at Damon or Stefan as I rush out of the room, not even bothering to dry off. I’m determined to rush home but I don’t make it any further than the front steps of the Salvatore mansion, collapsing to the steps in tears. I knew I needed to go see Matt, get my thoughts straight. But I couldn’t leave Damon. Not right now when he was so fragile with illness~

Damon: [I have the strong desire to her run after Elena when she rushes from the room, but I’m physically unable to. I shout at Stefan] Go after her!!! You can’t allow her to leave just in her undergarments!! [Stefan seems frozen, and I glare at him for his inaction. He only moves once I start to get up, grabbing a large towel and running out of the bathroom with it. I close my eyes resting my head on the edge of the tub, lightly dozing off]

Elena: “Miss Elena!” ~Stefan’s voice trails off when he busts through the entrance door and sees me sitting on the steps, my knees pulled to my chest as my whole body shivers from the cool air hitting my damp clothes and my quiet sobs. Stefan kneels down and wraps the towel around me~ “I thought you would be gone..” ~I pull the towel tighter around my small frame, the tear streaks along my cheek glistening in the sunlight~ I /should/ be.. but I can’t leave without knowing if Damon is going to be all right.. ~Stefan sighs heavily, staring off into the distance~ “Damon seemed perfectly fine in there to me..” ~I frown deeply, shaking my head~ please don’t.. It wasn’t his fault.. ~Stefan looks at me with surprised eyes~ “how can you defend Damon like that?” ~without hesitation, I reply in a matter of fact tone~ because I love him.

Damon: [Stefan’s green eyes seem to be conflicted as he stares at Elena, unsure of what to say] “Matthew and I, we are fairly close friends.. and.. Miss Elena.. He loves you. You know?” [He stares off trying to find his thoughts] “I.. just.. do not think my brother understands certain things.. he.. uh..” [his voice trails off leaving his thought unfinished. He stands up glancing at Elena] “come along. You’ll catch your death out here wearing only a damp set of clothes.”

Elena: ~I close my eyes, taking in Stefan’s words which only drive the guilt even further through my heart. I murmur softly, all the emotions laced within my voice~ perhaps I’m deserving of death right now.. ~Stefan narrows his eyes, appalled at my confession~ “Don’t you dare say that, Miss Elena!” ~his expression turns somewhat apologetic~ “you could never deserve something like that. .This one mistake doesn’t make you a horrible person.” ~I cringe at Stefan’s use of the word “mistake”, reluctantly standing to my feet to follow Stefan back inside. As he closes the door behind us, I turn to face him~ Stefan, I /do/ care about Matthew. Very much.. ~I swallow thickly, my chocolate hues glistening with confliction~ that’s what makes this so difficult.. no matter what I do.. someone will end up hurt..

Damon: [Stefan gently places a hand on Elena’s shoulder for comfort when words fail him] “I.. I am sure Damon should be checked on..” [His hand lingers a moment too long before he removes it. He motions for Elena to go first as it was customary. I glance up as the door opens, my eyes finding Elena’s as soon as she enters the room. I look tired and a bit uncomfortable, now shivering from being in the chilly bath-water for an extended period of time]

Part Twenty-Five: